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Interested in your own Indesign Territory?

Let us hear from you!

Indesign has several open territories, we will train you, provide you with top quality suppliers, support you in your initial stages, and give you the buying power of Indesign to allow you to be successful in your own Indesign Business.

We do not take an ongoing percentage of your sales*, we do not charge you monthly or annual fees**, and we do not control what you sell or what prices you charge. We simply want you to be successful and  have the same fun we have as Indesign Reps!

* In your initial period we may take a small percentage of sales in return for supporting your efforts and the coaching we will provide. After your second year we will not charge any fees.

** We may charge an upfront fee for purchasing the territory, this will be determined by the other territory owners based on the potential of your chosen area.

Please fill out the form below and submit it to us, in the comments tell us what area you would like (2 or 3 choices are best). You do need enough initial capital to buy your trailer (and towing vehicle if you do not have it), and funds to buy your initial inventory. Most suppliers will take credit cards, but keep in mind you need time to sell the product and collect any amounts due, so capital is important. Do not plan on immediate income, you need to be able to live for 3-6 months on what you have.

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